Our Philosophy

A Tao Ninja is a Bushido Coder

Coding is a weapon that many try to use; but only a true warrior knows that such power must be commanded by wisdom and guided by righteousness. By following the path of the Tao Ninja, you choose to walk in the footsteps of some of the most well-trained, skilled, and respected members of an elite group founded on courage and made stronger by benevolence.

A Tao Ninja is a Bushido Coder, one who brings a zen touch to their poetic programming. One who is meditative and mindful. One who comments and optimizes their code as part of their workflow; never procrastinating and allowing the river of knowledge to flow through them. To be a Tao Ninja, you must be humble to the power of others and the power of computers. You will surrender to the idea that writing new code is most likely unnecessary. Somewhere out there, the code you desire already exists and it is your task to align this code into your workflow, understanding the Airikai flow of programming.

In this way, your ego does not limit your creation just to your own abilities. Your ego doesn't limit the program to need you years later. The Tao Ninja steps aside and allows his code to be as automated as possible: pulling automatically from other repos that are already soundly designed. The Tao Ninja finds peace and happiness knowing his code is a model of poetic harmony, of perpetual automation, and of the best aspects of the entire programming community - never just his own thoughts nor his own manifestations.

A Steward of Wisdom

This ideal Bushido Coder also creates a centered workspace, knowing his surroundings, his diet, his relationships, and his intention in his day can all be felt inside the code he creates. Thus, he spends an equal amount of time on his health and well-being as he does his poetic programming tasks. He spends an equal effort on cleaning his physical space and his personal finances as he does spend time on cleaning and optimizing the code he has been tasked with. The Tao Ninja understands he is a steward, not an owner. As a steward, he will only be the owner of the code for a short time so he spends his energy wisely so other Ninjas may also use his energy for collective coding consciousness. He is humble and honors the ideology that wisdom flows through him, but is not created by him.

This collective consciousness, the dojo, embodies the fabric by which the Tao Ninja operates. He takes pride in his ability to uplift the entire dojo, not just his own career nor his own programs. He utilizes code and practices the masters he watches in the dojo and shares back his deepest coding secrets with his fellow Ninjas. In doing so, he strengthens the dojo and has awareness of the temporary nature of his own power.

Open your mind to a new way of development and take the lifelong journey to being a Tao Ninja. Watch our tutorials, mimic our style, and embrace the wisdom of the dojo to find your inner warrior.

Enter the Dojo

The Ninja vs the Cowboy

The Tao Ninja is quite the opposite of the Cowboy Coder. For, the Cowboy is immature, selfish, and egotistical in his approach to development. The Cowboy shows up for work and foolishly thinks his opinion and development philosophy is superior to the others in the dojo. He doesn't even comprehend the dojo, but instead sees his coworkers as competition or problematic obstacles in his conquest for victory. No, the Cowboy Coder is no Ninja. This foolish Cowboy sees no need to comment his code, for he feels he is the owner of it. He tells himself, "Why would the owner need to talk to himself? I don't need to comment my own code!"

The Cowboy Coder is quite disconnected from the larger fabric of life. He also finds it comical to think development has anything to do with his personal life. He cannot see the connection to his lack of sleep, his messy desk space & house, his lack of mindfulness in his personal life to the quality of his code. He foolishly believes they have no connection to each other. Little does he know the Ninja on the team is constantly cleaning up his code. Little does he know that his concepts may work in a small environment with a handful of programmers, but that there is no place for the wild and chaotic Cowboy in a large team of a thousand.

The Tao Ninja gladly accepts his role as a mentor to new staff, allowing himself to be pushed out of the way. He is at peace with letting go of his current role, having faith that life will provide a new role with more abundance if he acts with integrity and gives forward in life. The Tao Ninja even shares his programming workspace and philosophy through live streams, gives workshops, and is a voice for the programming community at large. He has a clear understanding of the need for more Ninjas who spread peace, serenity, and zen coding out into the global programming community that is filled by a majority of Cowboy Coders. The Tao Ninja knows that overflowing students and classrooms with DevOps Philosophy and Poetic Programming Practices is the only way to shift society towards a more peaceful approach to the programming world we need in the future. He then plays his part to make this a reality.

Coding is a Way of Life

The Tao Ninja excels in his career, knowing it is his duty to constantly study and to also share his wisdom with the new programming students of the world. The Tao Ninja shares his love for coding with children and new staff and carries his personal life as a role model for the entire coding industry. He welcomes women and disabled into the language and the love of development, as he knows that coding is a form of meditation as much as it is a career. In this way, he desires to share the dojo with others and encourage them to solve puzzles and enjoy the mindful method of the Bushido Coder.

Enter the Dojo
About the Lead Developer

Mr. Hackney has over 20 years experience in coding and has led large teams to create innovative software, AI Developments, Cyber Security for Governments and Corporations, and continues to change the concept of the role of the IT Community worldwide.